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With a history of selling fine Wisconsin cheeses, hams and sausages since 1926 and the largest hand-decorating bakery in the country, The Swiss Colony is America's premier resource for gourmet food gifts...from traditional fruitcakes to delicate petits fours and gift boxes and baskets brimming with sweet and savory treats.

We have established this learning center to present more in-depth knowledge of our products than is available in our catalog—the very first and longest-running specialty food catalog in the United States. In addition to providing food history and entertaining tips, of course, we hope it inspires you to think of The Swiss Colony when you need gift ideas for the holidays or any occasion.

Breakfast gift basket with pancake mix, ham, sausage, sweet bread and more

Breakfast Gift Basket Ideas: Bacon and Beyond

Celebrate National Hot Breakfast Month by learning how to cook bacon in the oven and breakfast casserole with bacon, and help others celebrate with breakfast gift basket ideas. more

Boneless spiral sliced ham with some slices cut and fruit sitting next to it

Best Types of Ham: Which Do I Buy for the Holiday?

What is the best ham to buy for Easter or Christmas, or any season? Do you want a smoked ham? A honey ham? We’ll show you the best types of ham. more

Chocolate petits fours in an open red gift box with a plate of half cut petits fours on the side

Dessert Ideas for Parties with Petits Fours

If you’re looking for dessert ideas for parties, bite-sized petits fours in a variety of colors and flavors are perfect for any time of year. more

Red velvet petits fours in a stack with two cut in half

Petits Fours

Great for eating—Great for gifting…These Petits Fours are so delicious, it is hard to eat just one. …read more

Two chocolate dobosh torte cakes, one in a gift box with sliced pieces of dobosh torte on the side

Dobosh Torte: Layers of Luxury

Dobosh (Dobos) Torte is a classic among cakes. With 15 layers, this version of the chocolate torte takes the layered dessert trend to new heights. …read more

Food gifts in holiday boxes, some open with popcorn, chocolate and candy showing

Christmas Care Package Ideas

Food care packages don’t have to be just for friends and family in the military. We’ve got Christmas care package ideas for students and other loved ones! …read more